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Intelligence meets activation
By partnering with INFUSE and 6sense, marketers are able to activate omnichannel programs using 6sense’s in-market buyer intelligence alongside INFUSE’s omnichannel demand strategies and programs.
Seamlessly activate the most optimal demand performance strategies for each account’s current buying stage and buying groups
Utilize the most sophisticated and actionable data insights from INFUSE’s 1st party data for a deeper understanding of GTM performance of in-market ideal customer profiles (IICP), leading to more robust measurable outcomes

Explore the power of in‑market demand activation


Streamlined Omnichannel Activation

  • Activate omnichannel brand-to-demand programs by leveraging 6sense’s in-market buyer intelligence alongside INFUSE’s comprehensive omnichannel demand solutions.
  • Deploy the most effective demand generation tactics with INFUSE, tailored to an account's current buying stage.
  • Seamlessly and simply build and launch sophisticated brand-to-demand programs that directly convert 6sense’s predictive analytics account intelligence into revenue.

Contextually Relevant Content Promotion

  • Formulate optimal content creation strategies leveraging rich 1st-party engagement data generated throughout each program.
  • Precisely target contextually relevant content through the most effective channels at the right moment by capitalizing on the dynamic synchronization of 6sense’s IICP buying stage account intelligence to INFUSE’s AI-powered content marketing engine.
  • Buying groups receive the most relevant information exactly where and when they need it.

One source of Demand Intelligence Activation

demand with
in-market accounts
GTM teams to one
revenue strategy

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